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Coachwhip Publications is a micropublishing venture utilizing print-on-demand technology, owned and operated by Chad Arment, currently of Darke County, Ohio. You can browse the sections below to see over 300 titles. Feel free to contact me at the email address (at left), or through the Facebook page, if you have any questions or suggestions.

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What's New

Curt Evans discusses politics and English mysteries . . .

Marian Gallagher Scott mysteries . . .

The Mysterious Ways of Wang Foo, a forgotten newspaper detective . . .

Tim Prasil's anthology of short-lived occult detective series . . .

The Spectrum of English Murder Mysterious Ways of Wang Foo Short Occult Detective Series Tall Man Walking Tragedy at Ravensthorpe Death at Swaythling Court Grim Vengeance

Coming Soon

JJ Connington mysteries . . .

Katzenjammer Kids and Captain and the Kids, a selection of comics . . .

More Homer Evans mysteries . . .

Propaganda Techniques . . .

The Two Tickets Puzzle The Boat House Riddle The Living Death / Drome Propaganda Technique in the World War Murder on the Left Bank The Black Gardenia Katzenjammer
Cryptozoology: Science & Speculation Historical Bigfoot Varmints: Mystery Carnivores of North America Mokele-Mbembe Manitoba Mystery Animals Shadows in the Woods (Bigfoot in Maine)


Cryptozoology is the methodological investigation of alleged mystery animals from around the world. Also, a few BioFortean titles are offered, involving unusual biological mysteries.

See Cryptozoology titles.

Natural World

Titles include guides to invertebrates, birds, extinct species, new species, general natural history, and more.

See Natural World titles.

Caribbean Monk Seals Breeding Beetles Encyclopaedia of New and Rediscovered Animals Great White Sharks I Married a Dinosaur (Lily and Barnum Brown)

Crime & Mystery

A number of classic title reprints and anthologies are offered, in the categories of detective fiction, criminal rogues, supernatural detectives, and true crime.

See Crime and Mystery titles.

The Castleford Conundrum | JJ Connington Who Killed Aunt Maggie? Vultures in the Sky Murder Ends the Song Quinny Hite Mysteries Mummy Case Mystery

Speculative Fiction

This broad category includes supernatural fiction (ghost stories and weird tales), fantasy, and science fiction. One particular variety of interest is cryptofiction, which involves stories with unknown or undescribed animals.

See Speculative Fiction titles.

Cats of Shadow, Claws of Darkness Insects and Spiders in SciFi and Fantasy Cryptofiction Troll-hunt Ancient Haunts The Curse of the Lion

Recreation & Entertainment

A wide range of topics are included here, such as magic & illusions, games (especially board games like checkers), comic art (particularly platinum-age newspaper comics), arts & crafts (like nature crafts), and sketching.

See Recreation Titles.

The Secret Out: 1000 Magic Tricks Mitchell's Checkers Foolish Questions Comic Canyon Country Kiddies - Swinnerton Tanks and How to Draw Them New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Dell Comic Reprint)


Several historical subjects are of interest, including Native Americans and their art, militaria and espionage, and speculative history. (For ease of classification, I'm throwing archaeology and anthropology titles in here, also.)

See History titles.

Psychological Warfare Last Days of Sitting Bull Yorktown Mysterious Horses of Western North America Menehune of Polynesia Fish-Tailed Monster in Greek Art

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Cryptozoology: Science & Speculation | The Investigation of Lesser-Known Mystery Animals | Blue Tiger | Boss Snakes |
Great Sea Serpent | Sea Monsters Unmasked | Does Champ Exist? | Missionaries & Monsters | Historical Bigfoot |
Mokele-Mbembe | Varmints | BioFortean Notes | Karl Shuker's Dragons |Spotted Lion | Shadows in the Woods |
Strange Creatures Seldom Seen |

Natural World

Stick Insects | American Spiders and Their Spinningwork | Great Auk | A Year at the Shore | Bog-Trotting for Orchids |
Eight-Legged Marvels | Compleat Angler | Pearly Mussels of Pennsylvania | Earthline | Herper's Lifelist |
Catching Wild Beasts Alive | Nature Notes | Nature Notes 2 | Phantom Bouquets | Tourmaline | Creation Appreciation |
Raptors of the Northeast | Foreign Finches in Captivity | I Married a Dinosaur | Caribbean Monk Seals |
Invertebrates for Exhibition | Rational Creation | Natural Theology | Encyclopaedia of New and Rediscovered Animals |
Communal Bees and Wasps | Great White Sharks | Breeding Beetles | Herping Taiwan | Millipede Husbandry | Mantids |
Whipspiders |Isopods | Whipscorpions | Centipedes | True Bugs |

Speculative Fiction

Beyond the Great South Wall | About Time (Time Travel stories) | Flora Curiosa (Botany themed) | Sign of the Spider |
Out of the Sand (Egyptian themed) | PYM | Shadows from a Veiled Creation | The Troll-Hunt | George MacDonald I |
George MacDonald II | George MacDonald III | Invertebrata Enigmatica (Insects & Spider themed) | Cetus Insoletus (Sea Monster themed) |
Legend of Croquemitaine | Queen of Atlantis / Devil-Tree of El Dorado | Jewel of Seven Stars / The Beetle |
Sense and Nonsense Stories from Lewis Carroll | Poe After Dark | Robert W. Chambers Fantasies I | Robert W. Chambers Fantasies II |
Sauria Monstra (Dinosaur themed) | G. K. Chesterton I | G. K. Chesterton II | G. K. Chesterton III | William Hope Hodgson: Bordercrossings |
Adventures of Darby O'Gill | John Silence | A Spectrum Unseen (Invisibility themed) | Robert H. Benson | Hawthorne After Dark |
Bierce After Dark | Anthropologica Incognita (Ape themed) | Ancient Haunts: Stoneground Ghost Tales / Tedious Brief Tales |
Bestiarium Cryptozoologicum (Mystery Animal themed) | Dark Canon: M. R. James | Monstrum (Monster themed) |
Botanica Delira (Botany themed) | Speculative Conan Doyle | Speculative Fiction of A. C. Benson | Wulf: Tales of Wolves and Werewolves |
Shadows Gothic & Grotesque: Ralph Adams Cram / James Platt | Supernatural H. G. Wells | E. F. Benson: Tales of Fright and Fantasy |
Charles Loring Jackson: The Gold Point | Strange Haunts: F. Marion Crawford / H. B. Marriott Watson | Bernard Capes: Dancing Shadows |
Bacillus (Microbe themed) | Owen Oliver: Days of Doom | Heroic Milton | M. P. Shiel | Richard Middleton & Barry Pain | Cats of Shadow |
Zoologica Fantastica | The Last Mammoth | Uncanny | Arboris MysteriusLonely Haunts | Golden Centipede | The White Wolf |
Curse of the LionMrs. Searwood's Secret Weapon |

Mysteries and Crime

Poe's Dupin Mysteries | Futrelle's The Thinking Machine | A. J. Raffles, Gentleman Thief | Hamilton Cleek | Sherlock Holmes |
Early Father Brown | November Joe | An African Millionaire | Old Man in the Corner | Uncle Abner Mysteries |
Thornley Colton, Blind Detective | 12 Cases for Max Carrados | Thorpe Hazell Mysteries | The Loot of Cities |
The Legal Exploits of Randolph Mason | Addison Kent Mysteries | Carnacki: Ghost Finder / John Bell: Ghost Exposer |
Ayler Vance / The Methods of Morris Klaw | Complete Adventures of Romney Pringle | Bernard Capes' Twists and Turns |
Flaxman Low / Lord Syfret | Chronicles of Addington Peace / Luther Trant, Psychological Detective |
Average Jones / Dr. Furnivall, Physician-Detective | Astro, Master of Mysteries / Dr. Xavier Wychlerey, Mind-Reader |
Loveday Brooke / Lady Molly of Scotland Yard | Shiela Crerar / Luna Bartendale & The Undying Monster | Crime's Nemesis |
Secrets of the Sûreté | WWI Adventures in Crime-Fighting and Spy-Hunting | Eugène Valmont / Mr. Keen | J. J. Connington |
Miss Cayley / Hilda Wade | Colour-Criminologist / From Whose Bourne | Danby Croker / Simon Carne | Todd Downing |
Madelyn Mack / Violet Strange / Florence Cusack | Boston Blackie | Clues and Corpses: Todd Downing's Mystery Reviews |
Bromley Barnes / Trent's Last Case / Kala Persad | Strawstack Murder Case | Broadway Racketeers |
Hagar of the Pawn-Shop / A Lady Pearl-Broker | Now Listen, Warden | Willoughby Sharp | Murder á la Richelieu |
There is No Return | Chanler Rao / Fanny Gordon / Worry-Worry Williams | The Wine Room Murder | The Dyson Chronicles |
Aristocratic Detective / Jane Sprood / Deliberate Detective | Emma Lou Fetta mysteries | Adventures of Madame Storey | Quinny Hite |
Mummy Case Mystery | Museum Murder | Philosopher's Murder Case | Donald Bayne Hobart mysteries | Mappin Mysteries |
Medora Field mysteries | Golf Club Murder | Johnnie Luck and Napoleon Prince | Spectrum of English Murder | Murder Ends the Song |
Homer Evans mysteries | Blue Rajah Murder | Giving Up the Ghosts | Mysterious Ways of Wang Foo | Marian Gallagher Scott mysteries |

History / Anthropology

Dwarfs of Mount Atlas | Iron Age America | Mysterious Wild Horses of Western North America | Hava Supai Canyon |
Sculptured Anthropoid Ape Heads | Fish-Tailed Monster in Greek and Etruscan Art | Letters on Natural Magic |
Petroglyphs in the Susquehanna River | Ancient and Medieval Dyes | The Piasa | Archaeology and False Antiquities |
Barnum's Humbugs of the World | Forged Egyptian Antiquities | Tank-Fighter Team | Bastogne | Bombardment Aviation |
Down Ramp! | Psychological Warfare | Strategy in the Civil War | War of 1812 | Handbook for Spies | Yorktown |
Lincoln's Own Stories | The Last Days of Sitting Bull | Primitive Weapons | WWI Tanks | Serpent Mound | Ancient Stories of a Great Flood |
Pirate and Buccaneer Doctors | Alaskan Igloo Tales | Igloo Life | Alaskan Ten Footed Bear | Ancient Armour |
Greek and Macedonian Art of War | Hittite Archaeology | Moabite Stone | Decoration of the Tomb of Per-Neb | Etruscan Tomb Paintings |
Lost Mines of the Old West | Annie Oakley | Menehune | Wander-Ships | Peacemaker | Lost Treasure Trails | Lost Mines of California |
Elfego Baca | The Gunfighters | Black Powder Snapshots | Western Sheriffs |


That Little Game | Foolish Questions | Madge the Magician's Daughter | Little Growling Bird | Philatelic Cartoons |
Canyon Country Kiddies | Golf by Briggs | Men, Fish and Tackle | Mancala | Tricks, Traps & Shots of the Checkerboard |
Mitchell's Checkers | Denvir's Three-Move Guide to Checkers | The Secret Out | How to Use Your Imagination to Make Money |
Early Literature of Lacemaking | Tanks and How to Draw Them | Rambles with the Switcher | Primitive and Pioneer Recreation |
Pitcherino | E. Simms Campbell | Complete Backgammon | Paper Cup Magic | Manual of Juggling | 3-Card Monte | Domino Deceptions |
Croquet | Dominoes | Wendemuth's Checkers | Inferno of Checkers | Drums and Rattles | Checkers: Doran's Old 14th |
Slapstick and Dumbbell | Gilbert Knots and Splices | Curling | How to Draw Horses | How to Draw the Cat | How to Draw Insects |
How to Draw Pond Life | Napkin Folding | How to Draw Houses | How to Draw Trees | How to Draw Wild Flowers |
How to Hit a Golf Ball | Pitching Horseshoes | Clowning Through Baseball | How to Draw Planes | Rubber Ball Games | Backgammon |
Ping-Pong | Better Badminton | Fancy Ice Carving | Cherokee Cooklore | Sunkist Recipes | Smitty | Brownies | Bat Masterson |
Sherlock Holmes | Jack & Mary's Jell-O Recipes | Knife Throwing | American Indian Cooklore | The Good Old Days |
"Reg'lar Fellers" in the Army and Navy | Blue Hills and Shoofly Pie | Pennsylvania German Cookery |

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