Coachwhip is a one-man publishing venture, operated by Chad Arment.

I use print-on-demand (POD) technology, rather than traditional publishing. POD publishing allows a single book to be printed as ordered. (Or, a bookstore may order a handful to keep in stock as needed.) This allows a book to remain in print without having to store hundreds or thousands of books, while waiting for orders.

I started Coachwhip by self-publishing my first book (2004), for which I couldn't find a publisher. As I learned more about POD, I thought it was worth continuing, so expanded into different subjects that interest me.

Right now, I offer the following types of books:

  • New original titles: my own books, and those of several other authors
  • Public domain reprints: both well-known classics and harder-to-find material, as well as anthologies of short stories
  • Licensed reprints of out-of-print titles that are not public domain

POD publishing is not the best choice for every title, but it can be a reasonable alternative to traditional publishing for many subjects.